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How it works


Smart Eye

Full scene auto test

Smart Steer

Testing platform for autonomous driving systems


Intelligent contract, information protection


Financial Industry

In order to cope with the negative impact of machine learning technology on society, the depth analysis of the implementation details of deep forgery has been able to detect the video images generated by mainstream deep forgery technology, and has its own schemes and products in scene recognition and financial risk identification.

  • SenseStudio-ID

  • SenseChar

  • SenseControl

Autonomous Driving Security

Provide the capability of autonomous driving software testing in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) which is scalable and easy to maintain on the user side. Expose a simple language for test scenario description, abstract away the inherent complexities within different simulation tools.

  • Scenest scenario description language
  • Mutation algorithm

Enterprise Level Testing

Facing the safety testing in the field of artificial intelligence, and covering all the whole scene testing, it has its own solutions and products in the fields of algorithm leak, program leak test, function test, pressure test, concurrent test, fuzzy test, boundary test and so on.

  • Security vulnerability check

  • Software auto test

  • Fuzzy test

  • Concurrent test

Intellectual Property Protection

Combined with artificial intelligence, fuzzy testing and formal methods, the chain code and behavior of blocks are analyzed. It supports the detection of more than 30 types of intelligent contract vulnerabilities and a variety of block chain platforms, and has unique advantages for data security, intellectual property rights and so on.

  • Contract audit

  • Intellectual property protection

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